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Thursday | 12 - December - 2019
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Influencer marketing has been growing steadily over the past few years. And 2019 will see a whole new type of influencer develop.
Influencer marketing involves a partnership between a brand and a social media user with a large following. The brand leverages the influencer’s audience to make sales, and the influencer receives free or discounted products from the brand, or they can be paid directly by the brand.
Now, what are the trends for 2019?
1. Instagram is king
Instagram is the place for influencers because of platform users opt-in to see the content. , for users who want to keep up with the lives of these macro-influencers, they’ll see the adverts on a regular basis, even if they don’t like to see an advertisement.
2. Influencer marketing should complement your strategy
It is vital to note that influencer marketing cannot make up your whole strategy. Rather, it should be used to enforce your other marketing content and should carry the same brand message across. It’s all about the idea that you want to execute, and then finding an influencer that will match your ideas.
3. Time to go nano
Nano-influencers are influencers with only a few thousand followers in a well-defined sector. Brands pay less to employ these influencers, have a little more control over the influencers’ postings. This type of influencers is hard to lose their followers because they have spent time cultivating their small audience and have more time to personally engage with their audience.
4. Say hello to a long-term relationship
companies are becoming more adept at influencer marketing, they’ve started looking at influencers as more of a long-term investment. This kind of long-term deals, means more security and continuity for influencers, but also more scrutiny and comes with far more strings attached.
5. Reaching beyond reach
The reach metric essentially counts the total number of possible viewers who may have seen a post. But in 2019, brands will begin to look at far more sophisticated metrics, such as cost-per-engagement, which can be more directly tied to their return on investment.



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