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Thursday | 12 - December - 2019
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Paid campaigns have higher acceptance rates
AspirelQ found that creators are more likely to accept collaboration proposals from brands who offer monetary compensations, in addition to free product. Those with an average engagement of over 5000 per post, usually don’t accept unpaid collaborations. That’s because of high quality content and access to an influencers large, dedicated audience comes at a price.

For example, here is an example of influencer had to say:
“Offering [no payment] and wanting a huge amount of work, shows that they don’t respect you or value your work in my opinion,” says lifestyle influencer @sweetnewyork (286k followers).
But there are some exceptions, that doesn’t mean that the unpaid campaigns are unheard in the industry. In general, brands that are able to run free product only campaigns have one or more of the following:
• A valuable product: gifting influencers a high-value product in exchange for posting.
• Existing relationships with influencers, an ongoing relationship that has the potential to turn into formal affiliation can make your campaign more appealing to influencers.
• So, even if your brand can’t pay influencers now, it’s okay to send them free product in order to build a relationship with them.
• A popular or viral product. Even if your products may not come at a high price, influencers are interested in working with brands that are on trend because their audience has a genuine interest in getting their review.
• A household brand name; If your brand is something influencers can be proud to put on their portfolio, you may be a great candidate to run an unpaid campaign.
• Nonprofit; Appealing to the emotional side of influencers can get you a long way.
How to kick-start your first unpaid campaign

If you’re able to provide value in alternative ways instead of paying money for posts in order to get in on the influencer marketing action. Here’s how you can ensure you run a successful unpaid campaign:
1. Find the right influencer. An important part of running an unpaid campaign is finding influencers who are genuinely bought in to your brand.
2. Request the right type of content. Take into consideration how much effort and time is spent taking the perfect photo or crafting the perfect Instagram post.
3. Offer to promote their content. Featuring an influencer’s content on your brand’s social channels, website or advertisements is a great way for them to get some extra exposure, especially if your brand already has a large following.
4. Send high-value products. Sending free product that are valued at or more than the influencer’s typical rate is a great way to compensate them for their time and effort
5. Build a mutually beneficial partnership. Relationships are a fundamental part of working together.



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