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Thursday | 12 - December - 2019
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Influencer marketing businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent, based on Tomson survey in 2015. Google Trends shows a clear correlation; the increase in influencer marketing 2014-2016 mirrors the decrease in print advertising. Brands now realize the importance of content marketing.
What is Influencer Marketing?
It involves building up relationships with people who are influential in the same niche as your target audience through social media. Once you have built up a relationship with these influencers, you leverage this relationship and have promoted your product to their followers.
The key difference between influencer marketing and celebrity endorsement is that the celebrity endorsement a brand hopes that it can tempt an 8 Personal Brand Statement Examples To Help You Craft Your Own Brand
The most important elements of a personal brand is a brand statement. You need a strong statement of who you are and what you can do.
What is a personal Brand Statement?
Your personal brand statement is a catchphrase that says about your expertise and what makes you unique and it’s catchy enough, that’s how people are going to recognize and remember you.
The personal brand statement has to be strong, descriptive, short, and catchy all at the same time. You need to choose your words and arrange them correctly to get your message across effectively. Keep in mind that your personal brand statement should reflect your brand’s identity and values. Here are eight of the best examples of compelling personal brand statements:
1- Ann Handley.
“Empowering ridiculously good marketing.”
She is a pioneer in digital marketing. And she is a writer and a speaker who helps other marketers scale up their marketing businesses to deliver exceptional results. Her tagline says that she empowers, “ridiculously good marketing.”
This personal brand statement is short and direct to the point, and not a lot of marketers will use these terms to describe themselves or their business. Ann says that she inspires other marketers to, “create marketing magic.” This gives you the idea that she helps other marketers do something that they once thought was impossible.
2- Joe Pulizzi.
“Content marketing evangelist.”
He is a self-proclaimed content marketing evangelist. This clear and concise self-description serves as a personal brand statement. It gives you the idea that Joe isn’t just an expert or an enthusiast in the field. As an “evangelist,” he is someone who seeks to help others develop a passion for content marketing.
3- Pam Moore
“Half geek – half marketing – 100% social nut!”
She is a marketing consultant and social media speaker. Everything about her personal brand statement says that she’s a fun and dedicated expert in marketing and social media.
4. Sujan Patel
“I grow companies.”
He is a leading digital marketer who boldly declares that he “grows companies.” He says that he is the one responsible for the growth of companies.
5. Brian Fans
“Translating the geek speak & simplifying the complex!”
is the founder of the social strategy consulting agency, iSocialFanz. From his personal brand statement, you can immediately tell that he is dedicated to simplifying complex ideas and concepts for everyone to understand. He is someone who makes the “geek speak,” as he calls it, more understandable and actionable for people.
6. Jessi Fearon
“Real life on a budget.”
She runs a personal finance and budgeting blog named after her. She produces valuable content that helps readers plan their budgets more effectively and understand how to pay off their debts. So her simple personal brand statement, “real life on a budget” has a strong and clear impact. Having a limited budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live in poverty.
7. Sofia Crokos
“Sophisticated. Authentic. Timeless.”
She is a celebrity event planner based in New York.
you can immediately tell that she specializes in putting together luxurious events for the upper class. This strong personal brand statement helps you understand just how capable Sofia is at organizing upscale events.
8. Dave Nelson
“I believe in you… Now you must believe in yourself.”
He is a certified personal trainer who struggled with obesity in the past. His personal brand statement encourages his audience to believe in themselves. This helps establish his brand because he overcame his weight issues by believing in himself. He needs to motivate people and help them gain a positive outlook on life so they can start working towards becoming healthier and fitter.
celebrity’s fans to purchase their product because their hero told them to do so. On the other hand, influencer marketing relies on word of mouth advertising by people who are influential on specific niches.
Influencers can help your business with some combination of:
1- Writing an article/blog post, or creating a video about your product or service
2- Sharing information about you (including sharing your own content) on their social media accounts
3- Giving you access to their site to write a guest post
Steps Involved in Influencer Marketing:
1. Identify your Influencer Marketing Campaign Goals.
You need to set your goals because your goals affect your choice of influencers. you need different influencer depends on your goal if its to increase the visibility of your products or increase tweets about your products, and then you need to focus on using influencers on the more visual network such as; Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube.

2. Identify your audience.
You need to know who your influencers are going to influence, which is knowing your target audience to benefit from influencer marketing. You need to have a specific niche. You should develop a persona of your ideal customer. Your choice of the audience will help you determine the social media channels where you put your focus.

3. Identify Potential Influencers.
You can either search for influencers yourself or use an influencer marketing platform to find the influencers in your niche for you. Depending on the social medium you are concentrating on, it may be worth searching for relevant hashtags to your niche. Once you have built up a list of potential influencers, sort and rank them according to who you feel works best for your particular target audience, and how well you feel they could help you achieve your campaign goals.

4. Build a Relationship With Influencers.
You need to build up a relationship with an influencer before he\she share or promote your content. One method to build up a relationship with potential influencers is to create content that would interest them and share it through their social media channels. You should start the relationship by interacting with them.



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