How To Naturally Increase Engagement On Your Social Media Channels –T1

Thursday | 12 - December - 2019
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Focus on increasing engagement naturally and don’t let the changing algorithms and competition from other creators get you down. It is an opportunity to challenge yourself to create fresh, innovative content that your audience will get excited about and will naturally want to engage with.
Why is it important?
Engagement rate will continue to become a key data point used to determine whether an influencer is a suitable partner for a brand. Engagements and engagement rate can also be used to detect influencer fraud.
Here are some tips on how you can start increasing engagement on your social media channels naturally:
Create engaging content
High-quality content goes a long way on social media. And it is a great way to capture the attention of your audience and increase engagement on your content. Make sure you’re creating content that is unique, creative and in line with your personal brand.
Find your voice
Finding your tone of voice and personal brand goes hand in hand with creating high-quality content. Spend time defining what is your tone of voice and the type of content you want to create – whether it is video, photography or written, this will help Your audience become more engaged with you and your brand when they can see more of your character and personality in your content.
Interact with your followers
always make time to interact with your audience. Answer their questions, reply to their comments, engage with their content and make sure they know you appreciate their support.
Share your story
share more about you with your audience to build a strong connection with them. Give them an insight into your life. Opening up to your audience makes them feel like they can trust you in return.
Network in real life
Nothing beats real life networking and it builds a stronger relationship quicker. The people you have met in real life are probably some of your most loyal, engaged followers, so take advantage of these opportunities to help increase engagement on your social media channels.
Cross-promote your social channels
Every time you upload a new piece of content onto one of your social channels, you should cross-promote it on your other channels. Cross promoting your social channels is a great way to encourage your audience to follow along on all channels, not just one.
Get reposted
Use relevant tags and hashtags in your content, and make sure you tag brands that you feature. Getting reposted by another social media account is a great way to reach a new audience and get exposure.



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