You Have a Personal Brand Whether You Want One or Not -T

Thursday | 12 - December - 2019
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You Have a Personal Brand Whether You Want One or Not
Somewhere along the way in your career, you lost your passion, and that has led you to question things like whether you need a personal brand. Take a moment and go back to the beginning of your career and think about the aspirations you had then.
Your personal brand is a trendy term for reputation. These days your reputations primarily affected by your online presence. All the HR and the recruiters check a candidate’s online presence before making a hiring decision.
One important thing to remember is investing in yourself is something you should always be doing.
what we tell people is to eliminate one thing from their life that’s not bringing them a return on investment and replace it with investing in themselves and their career, such as stop watching TV.
You can use that time to make connections with influential people online who will help you grow.
From now on, thinking with your approach to online networking by connecting with people who are relevant to your current personal and professional interests. Often these are people that you have not met yet and would likely never have an opportunity to meet anywhere but on social media.
Make sure your profiles online best represent your talents and interests, many experts will tell you that your online profiles and presence are equal to or more important than your résumé.
Always remember you have a personal brand whether you want one or not. If you’re a professional, you have one, just like you have a reputation in the community, you live in.



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